Improving Conversion Rates with Video

TripIt is a leading free and premium trip planner app that enables its users to create a master travel itinerary with online and mobile access.




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Project Brief

TripIt needed to improve conversion rates and encourage users to convert away from the free TripIt service to the paid subscription model. While research showed the best chances of converting a “fence sitter” was to show them features they couldn’t live without, many of the research subjects had commented that if it saved them time, or significantly made their life easier, they would pay for the service.

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CRM's Role

TripIt approached Compass Rose Media to develop a series of short videos to help convert users from the free TripIt app to their paid premium version. We worked very closely with TripIt to focus the project goals based on research they shared with us. The videos also needed to have similar visual treatment to the campaign they were just kicking off.

A Three-Pronged Approach

Our initial creative presentation focused on one video with multiple components. First, we felt it was important that the videos feature a short testimonial from a TripIt Pro user discussing a feature they couldn’t live without. Over the years, we’ve found that there is no substitute for inter-personal identification.

We created an animated, humorous segment, using a pain-point related to that feature. The animation featured the look and feel of their current campaign. Then CRM created an animated proof-point showing a quick demo of the feature, ending with a call-to-action. Blending these elements in a short video grabbed the viewers’ attention, while showcasing some of the features that TripIt Pro users can’t live without. It kept their attention while delivering a focused message.

CRM created multiple versions, allowing the video to be used in online campaigns, trade shows, and special offers. Multiple calls-to-action allowed the videos to be used for specific timely promotions.


The marketing campaign helped TripIt achieve their sales goal for converting existing free subscribers to the paid premium service. The effort targeted active users “on the fence” about upgrading. Once the videos were released, TripIt saw a marked increase in conversions for both unsolicited upgrades and inside sales channels.

Why Compass Rose Media

Compass Rose Media provides unique digital storytelling. This project demonstrates how we were able to combine three types of media to create a very compelling marketing tool. Not only does it keep the viewer’s attention, it highlights the value proposition of the premium features by presenting them in a meaningful way.

Everything in One Place

This project benefited from CRM’s ability to manage all aspects of the project in-house. In addition to exceptional creative and detailed production management, having editorial and animation capabilities in-house enabled a seamless project where all the elements work together by design.

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